Dutch Waltz Lesson Plan

Teaching Tips
Forward outside swing rolls to a count of six beats (Skill A)
Skater will perform four to six swing rolls on an outside edge maintaining a consistent axis with correct timing.
Soft Knees, Rhythm
Explain to skater proper technique for edge re-gathering and transitioning from circle to circle/edge. Use a line to demonstrate to the skaters where the axis is, Explain to skaters the proper waltz timing for swing rolls (three beats behind/three beats in front).
Alternating forward progressives in sequence to a count of six  (Skill B)
Skater must be able to maintain a consistent long axis while also demonstrating proper upper body positioning and correct Dutch waltz timing.
Soft Knees, Timing, Shoulder
Use a line to demonstrate long axis Demonstrate alternating upper body with changes of direction (facing into circle).

Description and demonstration of Kilian hold

(LFO/RFI Dutch Waltz Corner steps  - three beats each)

Skater will be able to skate each step clearly and correctly with proper timing
Edges, Timing
Demonstrate the end pattern. Show skaters the image from the Instructor's Manual for reference. Emphasize timing and pattern of the steps.
Skate Dutch Waltz pattern with music
Skaters must be able to skate one pattern with correct timing and pattern.
Pattern, Timing
Show the image from the Instructor's Manual. Draw on the ice. Demonstrate and have skaters follow. Remind skaters of timing from skills A&B