Canasta Tango Lesson Plan

Teaching Tips
Continuous forward clockwise and counter clockwise Progressive Chasse sequences on a circle to a count of four.
Skater will be able to demonstrate proper timing while showing a definite distinction between the progressive and chasse.
Timing, Rhythm, Body Position, Tango Character
Remind skaters of the difference between a crossover and a progressive.

Demonstrate a basic cross step by itself and explain proper foot placement 
Forward Slide Chasses to a count of four, on a circle, clockwise and counter clockwise (minimum of four Slide Chasses.
Skater will be able to perform four consecutive slide chasses on a circle with correct timing and free leg movement.
Timing, Leg Position/ Movement
Demonstrate a slide chasse while counting.

Explain the difference between a slide Chasse and a chasse. Emphasize proper timing.
Consecutive forward swing rolls to a count of four beats.
Refer to Dutch Waltz swing rolls
Soft Knees, Rhythm, Extension, Posture
Explain to skater the proper technique for pre-bending and transitioning from one circle to another circle or edge.

Use a line to demonstrate to the skaters the location of the axis.

Explain to skaters the proper timing for the free leg when performing  swing rolls (two beats behind/two beats in front).
Forward outside cross rolls (cross strokes)
Skater will be able to maintain a consistent long axis while demonstrating proper leg movement and foot placement.
Body Position, Proper Foot Movement/
Demonstrate objective while explaining leg movement and foot placement with the proper upper body positioning.

Emphasize pushing from heel to help develop the proper push.

Description and demonstration of the reversed Kilian position

Skate Canasta Tango pattern with correct steps to the music.
Skater will be able to demonstrate the ability to skate one pattern to the music.                   
 Pattern,  Timing
Show the image from the Instructor's Manual.

Draw pattern on the ice.

Demonstrate and have skaters follow.